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Draw the blinds or lighten up…without even having to leave the couch.

Why Rollershades?

For one, manual and motorized shades not only block out harmful UV rays, but also add years of life to the décor in your home such as expensive furnishings and art. With the technological ability to raise and lower automatically at specific times throughout the day, premium natural light in your home enriches not only your mood, but your overall wellbeing. In commercial spaces, sunlight invigorates the workplace, but can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating. Blueprint Shading Company designs shading solutions that can regulate daylight in commercial spaces to optimize comfort and lower energy costs.

Why Drapery?

Manual and motorized draperies also block out harmful UV rays to add years of life to your floors, furniture and carpet. Draperies can also soften a room and improve the acoustics by acting as sound dampeners. With a vast range of fabric options to choose from, draperies can meet any design aesthetic.

Smart Shades
& Lighting

Controlling shade and lighting is what makes a home complete, both aesthetically and operationally. Luckily, in today’s contemporary home, both can easily be managed via one keypad or remote, and integrated as part of a larger home automation system. From traditional to modern, we offer a wide variety of tasteful shading designs to fit every décor, including Roman shades, drapery, and roller shades. Our automated shades also offer a host of benefits to compliment a whole-house control system. Block the sun and give your home complete privacy with a touch of a button or use our programmable shades, ideal for large, hard-to-reach windows, while saving time and energy. We also partner with our sister company, Blueprint Audio Visual, to add lighting control. Program lights for one room or the entire house, for efficiency and ease. Automatic sensors even turn off lights when you exit the house or a room, saving energy and cost, while dimmers create the perfect ambiance.

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